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Dr. Wall & Associates continues to work to bring the most knowledgeable and passionate providers together in an environment that fosters development of clinical skills and knowledge necessary to set our providers apart and ensure you always get ground breaking and meaningful interventions.




Jennifer works with children and adolescents, adults, and geriatrics in the Treasure Valley. She has experience in working with complex family systems, those currently in crisis and those who have experienced trauma. She has extensive knowledge and experience in working with individuals and families dealing with grief, anger, oppositional behaviors, and loss as well as complex mental illness.

Clinical Specialties:  Grief, Family Conflict, Coping Skills, Anxiety, Anger Management, Depression, Relationship Issues, Self-Harming and Trauma.

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Caroline has extensively worked with children and adolescents, adults, couples and families. She has experience in working with complex family systems, those currently in crisis, those experiencing acute hospitalization, and those who have experienced trauma. 

Clinical Specialties:  Anger Management, Oppositional Behaviors, Personality Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attachment Disorders, those who identify within the LGBTQIA umbrella, and complex mental illness.

Now offering EMDR​.



Lore has spent her career working primarily with individuals and families experiencing severe and persistent mental illness.  She excels in working with families impacted by chronic and complex trauma, disrupted attachment, cognitive impairment, oppositional behaviors, interpersonal instability, complex mental illness and co-occurring substance use disorders.  

She has extensive knowledge and experience in navigating access to needed benefits and community resources, specializing in supporting applications for disability benefits for adults whose conditions prevent substantial work activity. 

Lore is under clinical supervision with Dr. Wall and working toward the 3,000 hours required for clinical licensure in Idaho.  

Clinical Specialties:  Adults with complex trauma who have severe challenges in daily functioning, co-occurring disorders, and severe and persistent mental illness.  She is SOAR certified.  



Service Dog in training

Vader is a three-year-old, 200 pound, great dane.  He has mastered sit, down, wait, kiss, and more.  He has not mastered personal space.  We are enjoying watching him learn and grow.

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