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The Zen Circle

Creating an Open Zen Circle is a meditative exercise performed since the 5th Century AD.  Many use the practice of drawing the Open Zen Circle to overcome the power of our ego (who we want to be, how we want to be seen, what we think of ourselves, etc.).

The exercise is simple.  The artist (that is you, of course) makes one brush stroke to draw an open circle.  

Inevitably, the circle is imperfect.  It is a tangible representation of our finest work in this one moment. 

As we see our best efforts before us, misshapen and imperfect, we are compelled to edit.  We may want to erase.  We may want to rework.  We analyze.  We overthink. We desire flawlessness.  The angst of permitting our imperfections to brazenly exist can be agonizing.

Healing is in resisting our urge (our ego) to edit.  

The Open Zen Circle mirrors the process of therapy.  Healing is fueled by courage to acknowledge this imperfect circle is snapshot of the best we can do right now. And that is enough. 

This imperfect circle has an opening. representing space for growth. Therapy is often where that growth starts - all evolving because you accepted imperfect beginnings.  

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Individual, Group, Couples, & Family Counseling

Dr. Wall & Associates offers individual, family, couples, and group counseling.

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Medication Management

Psychiatric Medication Management

Joycelyn “Joyce” Reiland DNP, APRN is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner.  She is trained in psychopharmacology and is experienced in rendering care to clients with mental illness since 2004. She joined Dr. Wall & Associates in 2021.

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Professional Development &
Community Education

Dr. Wall provides training and professional development at your organization or in our conference room.

Dr. Wall provides dozens of presentations annually on topics relating to Queer and Marginalized populations, Building diverse organizations, special topics, team building, strategic development, and more.  She can tailor each presentation to your needs, goals, and desired outcomes.   

Invited presentations include:

Boise State University

Kuna ISD

Terry Reilly 



Intermountain Hospital

Cottonwood Hospital 

Many More

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Professional Consultation

Brining 20+ Years of Program Development Experience to You

Dr. Wall offers consultation with agencies, schools, and organizations to identify needs, develop sustainable programs, expansion success, clinical team strengthening, identifying organizational strengths, and areas for growth on a variety of topics.  

Specialty areas of consultation include inclusivity for Queer and marginalized policies and practices, diversity, team building, trauma informed practice, and ethics.  

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Clinical Supervision

Personalized Clinical Supervision Based on Your Professional Goals

Working toward a clinical license in the State of Idaho is an important step in your professional development as a social worker or counselor. It is likely to have a profound impact on your personally and professionally.

Professionally, you are creating a dynamic and lasting alliance with Dr. Wall.  Practically, in the busy course of practicing clinically, Dr. Wall often times may provide a sounding board, guidance during ethical decision making, an unbiased ear as you talk through a client situation, or even refuge from the storm of caseloads, crisis, conflict, at least for a short while.  

Because the most powerful tool you have to affect change is you, Dr. Wall will challenge you to critically examine your the choices you make, in and out of your professional setting, that shape your work with vulnerable people. Dr. Wall is committed to providing a safe, empowering, challenging, and inspiring place for emerging professionals to define their clinical world view, precisely master clinical interventions, and become confident and clinically grounded clinicians.  

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Raising the Bar

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Medication Management

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Trauma Recovery

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Ego State Work

Crossing the River

Substance Use Treatment

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Dissociation/Dissociative Disorders

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About Dr. Wall & Associates 

Dr. Wall & Associates is a small, well-respected, private practice/counseling group in the Treasure Valley. The counselors and social workers at Dr. Wall & Associates offer EMDR (Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing) and specialize in recovery from trauma, LGBTQI experiences, attachment disruption, treating disorders of early childhood, substance abuse, parenting, families in crisis, grief and loss, anger management, depression, and many other mental health issues.

We offer medication management with Dr. Joyce Reiland, DNP, APRN, FNP-C.  

We are a small, highly-collaborative, team of seasoned professionals. We are eager to add new providers to our team; expanding our ability to bring the highest quality services to our community. We are especially eager to interview those new to the field and seeking to be part of an established and collaborative team. We strive to provide outstanding clinical supervision and the opportunity to do long-term clinical work with clients and their families.

We are credentialed with most commercial insurance policies, including Medicaid.

Send resume to drwall@drwallandassociates.com


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