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Between Sessions

Support.  Between sessions.

Working on ourselves does not only occur in a counseling session.  

This is an eclectic collection of resources you may find helpful between sessions.  

Image by Tony Pham
Image by Hussan Amir

Peaceful/Safe Place

The Peaceful/Safe Place exercise is an activity that uses guided mediation to reduce stress by transporting you to a safe/peaceful place.

Container Exercise

Containment is an exercise where we place challenging and unpleasant events or thoughts in a secure location until we are ready to take them out and examine them.

Eyes Closed
Image by Hussan Amir

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a relaxation exercise involving tensing and releasing major muscle groups in order to learn how to notice, appreciate, and relax those muscles.

Paced Breathing

While there are all kinds of ways to ground ourselves when feeling out of sorts, connecting to our breath is one of the most powerful.  Pacing our breathing helps calm our bodies, restore our focus, and reduce every sign of stress.  But, it takes practice.  

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