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Interns at Dr. Wall & Associates

Educate.  Inspire.  Empower.

A central part of our mission at Dr. Wall & Associates is to provide the highest quality services to our clients and community.  This means we are committed to ensuring you have access to quality providers, trained by experts, now and all your life.  One way we ensure a robust and talented group of providers are here to serve you, and your family, is by supervising internships for social workers and counselors.  

Just like medical doctors, social workers and counselors are required to complete internships to fulfill the requirements of their graduate education and state licensing requirements before they graduate.  This helps us protect our clients and ensure that you can trust any counselor you see in the community because have been vetted by leaders in the field.

Interns at Dr. Wall & Associates have already completed a Bachelors degree, in addition to advanced course work toward a Masters degree, before they see you.  Dr. Wall & Associates has agreed to provide a place for them to complete their practicum hours.

Internships are generally one year in length.  During that time interns provide counseling sessions under the strict supervision on our most seasoned providers.  We are consistently meeting with them to ensure their services to you are at the level you deserve.

Interns are able to see clients pro-bono (free).    

If you are interested in scheduling with an intern please call 208-297-9495.  

If you are interested in doing an internship with Dr. Wall & Associates contact Dr. Wall.  

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