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Bringing any workshop to you and your staff

Dr. Wall & Associates provides trainings, workshops, coaching, and seminars designed specifically for your agency needs.  

  • Effortlessly provide training to large groups of people simultaneously.  

  • Provides a cost-effective approach to providing  staff development.

  • Ensure your entire staff receive the same training,  at the same time, to streamline implantation of new ideas and skills. 

  • Consult directly with Dr. Wall to identify areas in which to enhance performance and practice.

  • Create content specific trainings of any length. 

  • Flexible pricing with monthly, quarterly, and annual training options.

  • Dr. Wall has 20 years of experience working with individuals, groups, and families and has delivered educational seminars on hundreds of topics nationally.  She is a highly sought-out presenter.  She is a skilled researcher, published author, and expert in clinical supervision, attachment, adoption, diversity, recovery from trauma, complex mental health, and program development.

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