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Study Group

Supporting professionals as they expand their clinical confidence and expertise.

Clinical Supervision

Working toward a clinical license in the State of Idaho is an important step in your professional development as a social worker or counselor. It is likely to have a profound impact on your personally and professionally.

Professionally, you are creating a dynamic and lasting alliance with Dr. Wall.  Practically, in the busy course of practicing clinically, Dr. Wall often times may provide a sounding board, guidance during ethical decision making, an unbiased ear as you talk through a client situation, or even refuge from the storm of caseloads, crisis, conflict, at least for a short while.  

Because the most powerful tool you have to affect change is you, Dr. Wall will challenge you to critically examine your the choices you make, in and out of your professional setting, that shape your work with vulnerable people. Dr. Wall is committed to providing a safe, empowering, challenging, and inspiring place for emerging professionals to define their clinical world view, precisely master clinical interventions, and become confident and clinically grounded clinicians.  

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