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Between Sessions

Working on ourselves does not only occur in a counseling session.  

This is an eclectic collection of resources you may find helpful between sessions.  

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Containment Exercise

Containment is an exercise where we place challenging and unpleasant events or thoughts in a secure location until we are ready to take them out and examine them.

Peaceful Place

The Peaceful/Safe Place exercise is an activity that uses guided mediation to reduce stress by transporting you to a safe/peaceful place.

Stay updated with all the growth and changes at Dr. Wall & Associates.

 Dr. Wall 

is a

Certified Telemental Health Provider

Dr. Wall completed more that 45 hours of course work and testing to ensure she is up to date in skills and knowledge to provide outstanding mental health care in-person and virtually.


Dr. Wall & Associates is offering Telehealth

Dr. Wall & Associates is providing state-of-the-art Telehealth through SimplePractice's award winning, HIPPA compliant application.

Telehealth Tips

Telehealth with SimplePractice is really easy.  Check out this easy guide for more information.

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Managing Your Mental Health During COVID 19

Work looks different.  Holidays look different.  School looks different.  

You are not alone - we are all struggling.  

Look at some of these ideas for staying mentally strong during this pandemic.  

We Are Getting More Space!

We are moving into a bigger space!

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